KIKUP Shuttlecock | AllOne Wellness Jian Zi Da CAU – Hacky Sack Like Badminton Birdie with a Twist use Your Hands and Feet to Keep in The Air


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Here are some examples of training exercises to get you started. Keep in mind, all of these exercises can be played with your hands, feet, or a combination of both for different levels of training or difficulty.

Quick and Close This exercise is performed with two players. The goal here is to hit the KIKUP back and forth as quick as you can. The arc is very small. This exercise focuses more on strengthening a player’s reflexes and accuracy. Side to Side Sprint This exercise is performed with two players at a greater distance than the Quick and Close exercise. The first player will stay stationary aiming the KIKUP to the far left and right sides of the second player. This will force the second player to sprint back and forth to return the KIKUP. This exercise focuses on agility, reflexes, speed, and endurance. The players will then alternate the roles. Also up your basketball game by doing a modified quick and close that you do while dribbling a basketball, to improve your ball control.

Core Training This exercise is also performed with two players – One standing, and one laying down. The Object is simple – Just rally the KIKUP back and forth. The key to this exercise is the player laying down must attempt to keep his back and legs as close to the ground as possible without touching it while continuing to return the KIKUP to the standing player. This exercise is great for engaging and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Not only is KIKUP a great training tool, but it’s also extremely portable and easy to play anywhere with anyone. So if you’re ready to take your game to the next level add KIKUP to your routine.
Hack, Smack, or Whack it into the air and keep it there with your hands, feet or other body parts. This bouncy birdie plays like badminton and hacky-sack.
This sport is a fun way to improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, spatial awareness, and ball control; while simultaneously giving a high-intensity, full body, aerobic and cardiovascular workout. KIKUPs are awesome for warm-ups and exceptional for sports training like for soccer and basketball.
KIKUP, the amazing new sports toy is quickly becoming a popular physical and mental training tool for athletes
30 day no questions asked return policy! 10% of profits will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs

KIKUP Shuttlecock | AllOne Wellness Jian Zi Da CAU – Hacky Sack Like Badminton Birdie with a Twist use Your Hands and Feet to Keep in The Air
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