SPORTAXIS Wooden Cricket Bat Grip Cone and Bat Mallet Combo


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Knocking is an important process for your cricket bat as it helps to compress the willow wood on the surface of the bat which you use for striking the ball. This step is vital to prepare your cricket bat before you use it for the first time. Similarly, a bat’s grip is a vital element that decides your performance while playing. Sportaxis brings to you combo pack of Wooden Cricket Stick Grip Applicator and Bat Mallet that lets you prepare your bat to hit some fantastic shots during the game. Applying a grip to your cricket bat is made easy as well as quick by this bat cone, while the mallet helps to develop the middle of the bat and hardens the edges.
Sportaxis has designed this mallet to be suitable for all types of players, ranging from an amateur to a professional. This essential tool is ideal for making strokes and hardening the edges. As for the Grip Cone, its construction is such that even an amateur with no experience of applying grips can use this cone very easily. This Wooden Cricket Cone eases the process of grip application to the bat, helping you save precious time.
Sportaxis has designed this combo pack using high-quality wood. The design of the bat cone is very sturdy and robust, allowing you to apply the grip with ease. The large head of the mallet ensures that the knocking process is carried out efficiently. Even the handle is of sufficient length which gives you a perfect swing while knocking. The wood used in making this combo is very durable, hence it can withstand rough use with ease. Both products have a good finish which makes them look elegant and classy.
MATERIAL: Sportaxis Cricket Cone and Bat Mallet combo is made of high-quality wood, making the it sturdy and robust which makes Bat Mallet perfect for knocking.
FEATURES: Mallet is made to be just about the right weight to replicate the cricket ball’s impact. It is also easy to use and leaves the cricket bat with no damage. Our ergonomic cone design helps the players for easy application of grip to bat handle
FITS ALL LEVELS OF PLAYERS: Our mallet suits all levels of players, from professionals to amateurs. It helps to build the stroke of the bat to get those extra-ordinary shots in the cricket field
USE OF CRICKET BAT GRIP CONE: Sportaxis grip cone is designed to suit all sizes of cricket bat handles. This SPORTAXIS Cone Grip is meant to help you rubber your bat grip with ease. The cone grip is made of wood and helps ensure that the bat handle is properly fitted with the grip rubber
USE OF MALLET: This Mallet is used to knock in your cricket bat. Knocking with ball-mallet will protect the bat from damage from miss-timed shots. This essential tool also helps to develop middle of the bat. Ideal to make strokes and harden the edges

SPORTAXIS Wooden Cricket Bat Grip Cone and Bat Mallet Combo
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