Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro Badminton Racquet – Unstrung


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The Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro badminton racquet delivers decisive control thanks to a stable frame construction and increased shuttle contact time on the string bed. The Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro provides players with great frame stability thanks to its new frame structure that has a stiff upper and bottom of the racquet face to reduce twisting at impact. Adding to the Yonex ArcSaber 11’s stability is Yonex’s Control-Assist Bumper, a grommet piece at 12 o’clock on the frame featuring T-Anchor, that help lock in vertical strings for more consistent movement, improving accuracy. The Yonex ArcSaber 11 extends shuttle contact time, the side of this racquet has a softer feel thanks to its construction, promoting more flexibility around the sweet spot. Pocketing Booster, a proprietary rubber-like material strategically lines a portion of the frame increasing the elasticity of the frame’ flex and positively impact shuttle hold and launch speed. The Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro is a great all-around badminton racquet that is stiff and maneuverable thanks to its even balance while providing improved dwell time on your shots.
Flex: Stiff
Shaft: HM Graphite/Super HMG/Ultra PE Fiber
Frame: HM Graphite/Pocketing Booster
Weight/Grip Size: 4U/G5
Model Number: ARC11PGRP4UG5

Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro Badminton Racquet – Unstrung
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